Serengeti Sunset Samplers Votive Candle

by Yankee Candle


About This Fragrance

Transport your senses to the exotic golden plains of Africa with this truly luxurious addition to the Out Of Africa range of fragrances from Yankee Candle.

Fragrance Notes:

Immerse your senses in the golden tranquillity of a Serengeti Sunset as notes of citrus, lotus flower and amber slowly create a calming and comforting aroma throughout any environment with this Sampler Votive Candle.

About Yankee Candle Samplers Votive Candles

Here's your chance to sample our fragrances to your heart's content. Keep several on hand to pop into our votive holders for a little pick-me-up at your bedside, vanity or end table. These 1.75-oz beauties also lend a big helping hand to centerpieces and candlescapes. And you'll love their self-extinguishing feature—the flame goes out on its own once all the wax is gone. (Up to 15 hours burn time)

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